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If you’re on the lookout for a reliable source of surplus goods for your retail business, you’ve probably noticed that traditional sources such as local wholesalers are failing to meet your expectations recently as wholesale prices veer ever closer to retail prices. This means these types of suppliers are no longer worth buying from as the goods they sell return such a small amount of profit – if any.

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Where, then, should you turn for pallets and truckloads of surplus goods online that are sold cheap enough for your business to still make a healthy profit on your investment? The answer is to buy pallets and truckloads from Direct Liquidation. Here’s why.

Who Are Direct Liquidation?

Direct Liquidation is a wholesale liquidation company that prides itself on doing things differently. In the past, it was common practice for online liquidation companies to pass off salvage grade garbage and ‘as is’ trash as top-quality merchandise. Unsuspecting resellers who bid for this worthless stock not only found themselves in possession of unsellable goods, but were also usually hit with a 7-15% ‘buyer’s premium’ that was applied on top. This left them out of pocket and unable to make a profit while the liquidators laughed all the way to the bank. This nonsense had to stop, and that’s where Direct Liquidation came in.

Unlike those online liquidators of old, Direct Liquidation wanted to help resellers make as much money as they possibly could instead of ripping them off for a quick buck. The company partnered up with some of the biggest retail names in the United States, offering them a space on Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform through which the retailers could sell pallets and truckloads – and even boxloads – of top-quality surplus goods direct to businesses at a fair price that left resellers with plenty of room to make a profit.

The formula worked, and over ten years down the line, Direct Liquidation is one of the fastest growing and most trusted top-tier liquidations specialists in the country. And it’s all thanks to putting customer commitment, dedication to supplying quality wholesale merchandise and second-to-none service at the heart of the operation.

Partnering With The Biggest Names In The Business

As part of its commitment to doing things differently, Direct Liquidation has sought out and secured partnerships with some of the biggest names in US national retail. On Direct Liquidation’s online live auction sales platform, you’ll find vendor landing pages for the following retailers:

Walmart – The world’s largest company by revenue, this giant of US retail not only operates thousands of stores throughout the United States and Canada, but is also a big player internationally with a presence in 27 other countries.

Target – Starting out as Goodfellow Dried Goods back in 1902, Target has grown into the eighth largest retailer in the United States with over $5 billion in annual sales. A trusted name both online and on Main Street, Target has built up a loyal customer base thanks to over a century of experience in the retail sector.

Lowe’s Hardware – The second-largest home improvement retail chain in the United States, Lowe’s operates 2002 stores across North America, employing 300,000 people. A giant in home improvement retail, Lowe’s is one of the most trusted names in the business.

Amazon – The world’s largest eCommerce marketplace, it’s hard to believe that this global retailing behemoth started out as a humble online bookstore. Now it’s the most valuable retailer in the United States and the number one choice for online shopping in almost all major overseas markets.

You’ll find surplus inventory from these four huge national and international retailers on Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform being sold on a daily basis direct to businesses in pallets and truckloads at a vastly reduced price.

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A Huge Range Of Top-Quality Goods

Thanks to the partnerships Direct Liquidation has forged with Walmart, Amazon, Target and Lowe’s, you’ll find an enormous range of products available to buy direct from the retailers on the company’s online liquidation marketplace.

Every year, Direct Liquidation’s retail partners take back huge quantities of goods bought and then returned by customers. These goods are categorized as ‘customer returns’. No longer able to sell these goods as new products – despite the fact that quite a lot of them are – the national retailers look to dispose of them in as fast a turnaround time as possible to ensure they don’t clog up valuable warehouse space that is needed to house new product. Direct Liquidation offers the national retailers space on its online liquidation auction marketplace through they can sell these unwanted returns direct to business customers looking to cut down on costs and increase profit margins.

Similarly, the big-name chains also need to offload overstocked products such as seasonal items and closeout goods coming from stores that have been closed or reorganized. Along with customer returns, this amounts to an enormous quantity of surplus inventory, and all of which needs to be disposed of in as short a time as possible.

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That’s why you’ll not only find own brands such as Walmart’s ever-popular Mainstays brand and its Blackweb line of consumer electronics available to purchase via Direct Liquidation’s marketplace, but also thousands of items from some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as DeWalt, Black & Decker, Samsung, LEGO, Disney, Sony, Apple, Google, Microsoft, HP, Fisher Price, Toysource and many, many more.

You’ll find a huge range of top-quality merchandise available to buy via Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform. And because it comes direct from some of the country’s leading retailers, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re buying authentic brand name and own brand liquidation goods at the very best possible price.

Buying Pallets And Truckloads From Direct Liquidation

Buying pallets and truckloads of surplus goods online from Direct Liquidation couldn’t be easier. First of all, you’ll need a valid resellers license, which is a mandatory requirement before you can resell returns, overstock and closeouts in the United States. Once you’ve produced one of those during sign up to a free Direct Liquidation account, you’re free to browse the many categories the company has to offer. Once you’ve found a pallet or truckload of surplus goods you wish to buy, you usually have the following purchase options:

Live Auction – Most pallets and truckloads of surplus inventory are sold via live liquidation auctions that take place on a daily basis. You can sign up for an email alert that will notify you when an auction is about to start, and then it’s just a matter of entering bids up to a predetermined maximum bid and seeing if you’re the successful bidder after the online liquidation auction concludes.

Buy it Now – Many pallets and truckloads of surplus goods are also offered at a fixed price via each lot’s ‘Buy it Now’ button. If you don’t want to wait around to bid on a lot at auction, this is the option for you. Simply press the button and you can pay for your goods straightway – no need to wait. And don’t worry – the price may be fixed, but the goods inside each pallet and truckload can still be bought for a fraction of their MSRP value, meaning there’s still plenty of profit to be made when it comes time to sell the goods on.

Negotiated price – Many of Direct Liquidation’s established customers like to approach the company with their own price for a pallet or truckload of surplus goods. If the price is acceptable, that’s the price they’ll pay. Direct Liquidation welcomes this sort of interaction with its customers, and many resellers have come away paying even less for a pallet or truckload, thus increasing their potential profits.

Once you’ve bought a truckload or pallet of surplus goods from Direct Liquidation, it’s simply a matter of arranging shipping and waiting for your goods to arrive. You will probably want to arrange your own shipping, but before you do, it’s worth seeing if Direct Liquidation can arrange it for you quicker and cheaper.

The company uses its own courier services and already has discount deals in place with these companies. So, where Direct Liquidation saves money on shipping, so might you. It’s always worth checking to see if it’s cheaper to let Direct Liquidation handle the shipping. If it is, then your business saves even more money.

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Whoever you choose to arrange your shipping with, you can rest assured that Direct Liquidation will get the surplus goods you buy via their online sales marketplace to you as quickly as possible. Direct Liquidation’s countrywide network of distribution centers are located close to their partner retailers’ warehouses, thus making warehouse-to-distribution center turnaround time as short as possible, meaning your goods will be ready to collect and on their way to you in hardly any time at all. Good news for any business looking to stock up on great-quality wholesale merchandise in a hurry.

Buying pallets and truckloads of surplus merchandise via Direct Liquidation’s online live auction and liquidation sales platform ensures your business receives a reliable source of wholesale merchandise coming from some of the biggest names in US retail at the lowest possible price, as and when your business requires it. If you’re on the lookout for great-quality merchandise at a fantastic price, look no further than Direct Liquidation.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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