Where Can I Buy Pallets Of Holiday Customer Returns?

The best place to source pallets of holiday customer returns in 2020 is from an online liquidation marketplace, such as Direct Liquidation. There are a number of options for buying pallets of customer returns, and an online liquidation website is a smart choice for resellers looking to save money on their wholesale merchandise sourcing.

Places to Buy Pallets of Holiday Customer Returns:

  • Local stores – ask them if you can help them deal with returns, especially if you know any store owners.
  • eBay – some returns are sold through platforms such as eBay or local classified ads.
  • An online liquidation platform, such as Direct Liquidation.

Why Buy Pallets of Holiday Customer Returns from Direct Liquidation?

  • Stock sourced from top retailers in the US, including Walmart, Target and Amazon.
  • Different types of customer returns: untested, tested and refurbished lots.
  • Access to other types of liquidated stock such as shelf-pulls and overstock.
  • BBB accredited service with an established company.
  • The ability to buy pallets in bulk, including full-truckloads to save on shipping.
  • A service entirely built around providing you with liquidated goods, rather than a small department of a company.
  • Partnerships and special rates with shipping companies to help you get your stock, wherever you are.

An online liquidation marketplace is an auction and sales platform through which US retailers sell their unwanted customer returns direct to resellers for a considerable discount. Enormous quantities of products are brought back to stores both on and offline every year. Indeed, over the holiday period alone, an estimated 11% to 13% of all holiday purchases will be returned to the retailers after Christmas. To put a cash figure on that, that’s an astonishing $90 to $95 billion worth of goods returned to the retailers.

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Most stores in the United States offer customers a return and replace policy, although such a policy is not required by federal law. All major online and offline retailers operate a refund and replace policy, and as the first and second largest retail sectors over the holiday period, that means they take back the bulk of those returns. This, in turn, presents the major national chains with a considerable headache.

Why Buy Holiday Returns by the Pallet?

  • Many products are returned brand-new.
  • Many simply need repackaging.
  • Top-branded products from major retailers are returned in large quantities.
  • Holiday returns represent the greatest number of returns of any time of year, giving a huge choice.
  • Buying these returns in bulk saves on shipping costs and increases your chances of profit.
  • Unlike returns at other times of the year, more products are returned unopened due to being unwanted presents.

As you can see from the infographic above, clothing, shoes and electronics make up the bulk of holiday returns. Many being unwanted or ill-fitting Christmas gifts. All items that you can find listed on liquidation websites, and all items that are popular and tend to do well in resale. As more people are buying items online, so too is the increase of the percentage of items returned each year.

There are almost 220 million digital shoppers in the US alone, and this number is growing every year. Online commerce is growing rapidly, estimated to rocket from 396.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to just over 684 billion US dollars in 2020. Of all sales areas, American customers often particularly prefer buying books and electronics online. Which may, in part, help to explain why so many electronics are returned.

The 2019 holiday season is estimated to be a strong one for retailers. Americans’ predictions of how much they will spend on Christmas gifts shows a substantial increase from last year.

With the holiday season firmly behind us, where’s the best place to source the huge amounts of Christmas returns that are starting to hit the market? Some may think the answer lies in traditional, local wholesalers, but this is not the case. Traditional new-product wholesalers used to be a sure bet, but in recent years their wholesale prices have been creeping ever closer to retail prices, thus minimizing the chance of making a profit sourcing stock this way.

So, where should you turn instead when looking for a cheap, reliable source of holiday returns? The answer is to buy pallets of wholesale liquidated merchandise from a Better Business Bureau-accredited online liquidator such as Direct Liquidation.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

Returned products cannot legally be classified as new, even if they are and have been brought back by customers or gift recipients because they don’t want them or – especially in the case of clothing given as gifts over the holiday season – they don’t fit. Not being discounters, the major retailers would soon find their warehouses filling up to bursting point with this type of stock were a solution to its quick and efficient disposal not found. This is where liquidators step in.

Liquidators work with the major national retailers, offering them a method of liquidating their stock. These liquidators then sell these returns direct to resellers, like you. But why choose a liquidator over a traditional wholesaler?

Why Choose An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

There’s a very simple answer to this question – cost, quantity and quality. It’s become a depressing fact of life over the last few years that traditional, often local wholesalers have begun to charge their customers prices that are so close to the retail price that the new wholesale merchandise they sell allows only small profits to be made from resale.

Top-tier liquidators operate their businesses in an entirely different way. As mentioned, they work with some of the biggest US retailers, who sell their returns through the liquidators’ websites. Liquidators, such as Direct Liquidation sell on these returns at a small fraction of their MSRP, allowing you to go through the pallets yourself, sorting the items, and preparing them for resale. This is the value you are adding to the products, and where you make your profit.

Every Christmas is followed by hundreds of thousands of products being returned to the big-name retailers for a variety of reasons ranging from products being faulty, products being superficially or visibly damaged, brand-new unopened products being unwanted gifts or, when it comes to clothing in particular, products not fitting the recipients.

Whatever the reason products are returned, they present the big-name retailers with a logistical problem. Not being discount stores, retailers liquidate a large portion of their returns, even when they are brand new. These ‘B-stock’ products would take up considerable amounts of the retailers’ warehouse capacity were a quick and efficient solution to its disposal wasn’t found. That solution is top-tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation.

You will also find refurbished merchandise, which has been tested, and found to be in fully working order, otherwise repaired to fully working order. These go for higher prices than returns, but you know that all items in a lot are sorted, and guaranteed to be working, ready for resale. These prices are still lower than you’ll find the products from a typical wholesaler selling brand-new items.

A large amount of the brand name goods sold in the United States are sold by the major US national chains and online retailers. This means that the majority of customer returns that a liquidator handles will be brand name goods, alongside the retailers’ popular own brand products.

Finally, the returns the major retailers sell via online liquidation websites are goods the retailers wish to sell quickly, so those goods do not take up valuable space in the retailer’s warehouses. Direct Liquidation acquires these goods in very large volumes, so we can break them into smaller lots to sell them to you. As a result, starting prices can often be very low. And lots are usually only listed for up to 48 hours. For resellers like you, this is great news. A lower wholesale price means you’re more likely to be able to offer customers top-quality merchandise at a very attractive price while still making a markup thanks to purchasing stock at such a cheaper price.

The Best Place To Buy Pallets Of Customer Returns

For resellers looking to purchase the best customer returns at the cheapest possible prices, they should check out what Direct Liquidation has to offer. Direct Liquidation is a Better Business Bureau-accredited top-tier liquidation specialist with over a decade of experience in the industry. Direct Liquidation works with some of the biggest names in US retail – including Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s Hardware and Target. This means that resellers will find low-cost returns in just about any category they can think of, from brand name consumer electronics from big names such as Apple, Logitech, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung and HP, to home improvement products from companies such as DeWalt, and Black & Decker.

With the vast amount of holiday customer returns now flooding back into stores and online retailers, there’s never been a better time to switch to sourcing wholesale merchandise from a liquidator. For resellers looking for the best products at the lowest price coming from some of the biggest and most trusted retailers in the country, that means sourcing from Direct Liquidation – the best place to buy pallets of Walmart, Lowe’s, Target and Amazon returns for resellers looking to keep their profits flowing as they head into a new year.

Unboxing an Amazon Returns Pallet

How Do You Make Money with Holiday Returns

When you have a pallet of holiday returns, you need to sort out the items and resell them. When you have a pallet of untested returns, some items will likely be brand-new and ready for immediate resale, other items will just need to be repackaged, and some items may need repairs. The first 2 categories are easy to immediately put on your shelves or list for sale online – you can sell with prices lower than your competitors to help quick sales, as you have bought them cheaper than many of your competitors may have done.

As for those that need repairs – if you’re handy, you can make these repairs yourself. If there are several of the same items in your lot, then you can take them apart and turn them into parts donors to make fully working units. These you can then sell on as refurbished items.

If you can’t do this, you’ve still not lost out, as other people will always be looking for parts donors, and may still buy these items off you, for a minimal amount. This still adds up to your total sales and, hopefully, towards your profit. Almost all items will have some value or some use to someone, you just need to match them up.

However you choose to purchase holiday stock from Direct Liquidation, you can rest assured you’re buying merchandise from some of the biggest names in US retail for a price you simply won’t be offered elsewhere. If you develop your business model carefully, and make the most of holiday returns, whether they need any work doing to them or not, you can increase your profit chances. If you’re on the lookout for the best quality holiday returns, look no further than Direct Liquidation.

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