Where Can I Buy of Truckloads of Liquidated Merchandise to Resell Near Me?

If you’ve been buying liquidated stock by the pallet from a liquidator, you may be considering taking the next step and ordering a truckload of stock from an online liquidation marketplace instead.

There are several advantages to doing this. While buying pallets of top quality merchandise at vastly reduced prices from a liquidator is, of course, a great way to save your business a considerable amount of money, there’s no denying that the shipping and handling costs can ramp up compared to buying truckloads of stock from the same source.

Put simply, buying truckloads of liquidated merchandise works out cheaper because the goods can all go on the same truck, and a discount can often be negotiated with the liquidator.

The Advantages Of Buying By The Truckload

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We’ve already touched on some of the advantages of buying by the truckload as opposed to by single pallet. On top of the savings you’ll enjoy thanks to the reduced shipping costs associated with buying by the truckload and the savings you’ll make by negotiating a bigger discount with the liquidators, there are also additional benefits.

By buying truckloads of goods from a respected liquidation platform such as Direct Liquidation, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that the pallets of merchandise you buy will not have been cherry-picked first.

Unfortunately, cherry picking is an all-too-common problem in the liquidation industry. Unscrupulous liquidators who say they are partner companies with some of the nation’s biggest retailer very rarely are. Instead, they acquire their stock from other sources, pick out the best stuff from the pallets they purchase and then pass off what’s left as top-quality stock. It’s anything from it. They even go so far as to change manifests to give off the impression that pallets contain a good mix of merchandise. Sometimes they don’t even have the pallets of goods they advertise; instead, they take a business’s money and then source the pallet afterward, often leading to delays in delivery and pallets not living up to a buyer’s expectations when they eventually turn up.

Secondly, a top-tier liquidator offers quality assurance. A company such as Direct Liquidation is a genuine partner platform for Walmart liquidations, for example, offering this titan of the retail world a platform to sell its customer returns, overstock and closeouts to business customers at prices they won’t find anywhere else.

By offering platforms for big retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to sell their customer returns, overstock and closeouts, top-tier liquidators can offer customers some of the best merchandise around, coming from some of the most trusted names in manufacturing such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony. And because no middle man has siphoned off the good stuff, there will be plenty of ‘as new’, boxed products in each pallet on your truckload to sell through to your customers.

Add to this a constant supply of stock and access to a dedicated team of liquidation specialists who will work with you to make sure you get the stock you need for your business as and when you need it at the best price possible, and it’s not hard to see why buying truckloads of liquidated stock from a reputable liquidator is an attractive prospect.

And, best of all, because you’re buying truckloads of goods, most top-tier liquidators are happy to hear your offer on an overall price for the truckload you intend to buy. If they agree, you’ll save even more money, and that will help your business maximize its profits.

A Network Of Easy-To-Access Distribution Centers

If you’re looking for the best place to buy truckloads of liquidated stock near you, we recommend you check out Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace. Direct Liquidation offers a platform where Walmart sells its customer returns, overstock and closeouts to businesses such as yours, and Direct Liquidation also offers pallets of top-quality merchandise from a great many other sources as well.

Located next to major highways for ease of access, and in close proximity to its partner’s distribution centers so merchandise is only minutes away, Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers can be found in the following locations:

Blacksburg, South Carolina

Bentonville, Arkansas

Greenfield, Indiana

Brampton, Ontario

Frankfort, Kentucky

Rogers, Arkansas

Most customers opt to pick up their purchases of overstock, closeouts and customer return pallets from Direct Liquidation, or use a courier carrier to do it for them. However, we would recommend checking out the company’s shipping and handling price as it may work out they can offer to deliver the goods you need to a location of your choice at a lower price. It’s worth bearing in mind as you may be able to squeeze even more profits out of your purchases by letting Direct Liquidation handle the logistics.

Local, Trustworthy And Value For Money

Thanks to the relationship Direct liquidation enjoys with Walmart, there is always a constant supply of great quality merchandise available to buy from Walmart via Direct Liquidation’s live auction and direct sales online platform. With fresh stock arriving daily in a huge number of retail categories such as automotive parts and accessories, home and office supplies, fashion, toys and pallets of electronics, there’s something to suit any reselling business, be it big or small.

With prices much lower than businesses will find from traditional wholesale sources and smaller liquidators, you’ll be able to maximize your profits on the truckloads of goods you buy, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that what Direct Liquidation says on each pallet’s manifest is exactly what you’ll get.

Buying truckloads of liquidated stock from a top tier liquidation business such as Direct Liquidation is a great way of getting hold of excellent quality merchandise at prices that will leave plenty of room for profits. With distribution centers located across the States and Canada, the assurance of knowing you’re buying goods from one of the country’s biggest retailers and a dedication to customer service that’s second-to-none, Direct Liquidation should be your first port of call when sourcing truckloads of liquidated merchandise near you.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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Corey Griffin

Corey works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation helping businesses to source liquidation inventory from the world’s top retailers and manufacturers. Corey works with single pallet, LTL and truckload buyers directly to ensure they stay in stock with high quality inventory year round.

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