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How to Find a Wholesaler Near Me to Source Products

Last Updated: February 26th 2020

If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier to stock your business, it can be a difficult decision choosing one to use. Is finding the closest wholesaler to you the best option? There are alternatives to simply finding a wholesaler near you, including looking at liquidation marketplaces, which can offer a different range of products, at a lower price.

In this day and age, not all wholesale suppliers are created equal. There was a time of day when local wholesalers could be relied upon as a cheap source of good-quality products that left businesses with plenty of room to make a profit, despite the fact wholesalers added their premiums on top of the price they had paid for their goods before selling them on to other businesses.

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Unfortunately, the days when you could rely solely on these types of wholesalers are disappearing. Their prices have crept ever upwards, nowadays more resembling retail prices than wholesale prices. So, what to do? Is there anywhere close by where you can still get top-quality wholesale merchandise that won’t break the bank? Finding a different type of supplier, with a different type of product could boost your earnings.

The answer, thankfully, is yes. There are indeed wholesalers near you where you can still source cheaper merchandise. They are called liquidators, and here’s how they work.

A Different Kind Of Wholesaler

So, what is the difference between liquidators and more traditional wholesalers? Well, it’s quite simple. Whereas as a typical wholesaler buys pallets and truckloads of brand-new wholesale merchandise straight from the brands that manufacture them, and then break them up into smaller parcels to sell at a premium to other businesses, liquidators operate entirely differently.

Liquidators such as Direct Liquidation work in partnership with some of the country’s biggest national retailers, giving businesses the opportunity to buy closeouts, overstock and customer returns on the liquidator’s online marketplace for a considerably lower price than the brand-new stock that traditional wholesalers offer.

So, what are returns, overstock, and closeouts, and why do retailers need to turn to liquidators to sell them? Every year, thousands and thousands of products are returned to national retailers all over the United States for several reasons ranging from those products being faulty to customers having a change of heart about their purchases and bringing brand new products back for a refund. Whatever the reason, all of these returns are classified as second hand and, as the big-name retailers aren’t discounters, most of this stock needs to be disposed of to free up valuable warehouse storage space.

Overstock and closeouts, meanwhile, are stock that’s been over-ordered or is surplus seasonal stock, and stock coming from closing stores that are surplus to a retailer’s requirements respectively.

Customer returns, overstock and closeouts amount to huge quantities of products, and rather than try and sell this merchandise themselves, big-name retailers such as Amazon, Target and Lowe’s instead turn to wholesalers specializing in liquidation to sell it on their behalf.

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Retailers sell boxloads, pallets, and truckloads of returns, overstock, and closeouts through liquidation websites. Sold via an online liquidation auction or for a fixed or negotiated price, the products retailers sell through liquidators are sold in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’ (ideal for spares and repairs) and are always sold for considerably less money than their total MSRP value.

Liquidators also sell pallets and truckloads of refurbished products, in particular, a wide range of refurbished wholesale electronics. Refurbished products have been restored to factory spec, come in original or alternative packaging, have original or replacement accessories and documentation and come with a 90-day warranty for extra peace of mind.

Top-Quality Wholesale Merchandise

There’s a reason so many businesses are switching to buying liquidated goods wholesale – quality and price. Direct Liquidation works with companies that sell mostly top-quality brand name products as well as a wealth of tried and trusted own-brand products. Customers who purchase boxloads, pallets and truckloads of returns, overstock, closeouts, and refurbished products from Direct Liquidation will find a huge range of wholesale merchandise coming from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers.

Take Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation wholesale auction and sales platform, for example. Direct Liquidation offers products sourced from Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s Hardware and Target, meaning you’ll find products coming from such companies as LEGO, Adidas, Samsung, DeWalt, Apple, Microsoft, Fisher Price, Beats by Dre, Sony and many, many more.

You’ll also find own-brand products such as Walmart’s Mainstays brand and their popular Blackweb electronics range, which means you’ll also be able to satisfy customers on tighter budgets looking for excellent quality products that won’t break the bank.

And best of all, because this is all merchandise the big-name retailers wish to dispose of in as fast turnaround time as possible, you’ll find all these great brands and trusted own brands being sold via an online liquidation marketplace for much less than typical wholesale suppliers can offer, with their factory-new stock.

Sourcing Wholesale Products Near You

Liquidators operate all over the United States and Canada, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find one of their distribution centers near you. If you decide to source wholesale liquidation merchandise via Direct Liquidation, you’ll find distribution centers in the following locations:

Blacksburg, South Carolina, Frankfort, Kentucky, Bentonville, Arkansas, Rogers, Arkansas, Milton, Ontario (Canada), Greenfield, Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s vital in an age when the competition is fierce that your business retains an edge over your competitors. By sourcing from liquidators near you, you’ll ensure your business always has a steady flow of top-quality wholesale merchandise that’s been bought for a price that ensures both customer satisfaction at the low prices you can offer them and plenty of room to make a profit. If you’re looking for a cheaper, more reliable wholesale supplier, look no further than a liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation. It’s the smart choice for today’s modern reseller.

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