How To Increase Profitability Selling Customer Returns

When selling customer returns, there are many ways you can increase profitability: from taking advantage of online sales platforms to selling to customers in your local area via Craigslist. You can even increase your reach by selling on social media these days. Of course, before you start maximizing your profits, you’ll first need to find a source of affordable wholesale merchandise that will help you achieve your profit goals. For that you should consider buying customer returns from Direct Liquidation.

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The Advantages Of Buying Customer Returns From Direct Liquidation

  • A huge range of branded and own brand products to choose from.
  • Returns come from some of the country’s biggest retail names such as Walmart, Target and Lowe’s Home Improvement.
  • Both tested and untested returns available at the lowest prices around.
  • Boxloads, pallets and truckloads can be bought via live auction or for a fixed or negotiated price.
  • Plenty of places to sell both offline and online to maximize your profits.

What Are Customer Returns?

Every month across the United States and Canada, many products are returned to some of our biggest national retailers for a number of different reasons. Some products are found to be faulty and are returned for a refund or replacement; other products are brought back because they’re the wrong color or size; others are brought back because customers have changed their minds. Whatever the reasons for these returns, they soon mount up and cause retailers a headache as they can quickly swamp storage space that’s there to house new products.

Rather than sell the bulk of these returns themselves, many of the big-name national retailers instead look to resell them as quickly as they can. The returns are bundled together and offered for sale at vastly deflated prices to liquidators, who in turn sell these returns to business customers looking for merchandise at low prices.

Returns come in a variety of conditions. Some returns will be brand new; others will be faulty and in need of a bit of TLC, some will bear light or visible cosmetic damage that will appeal to customers on tighter budgets and bargain hunters. Others can be broken up for spares and repairs – this particularly applies to consumer electronics.

Sold in tested and untested boxloads, pallets and truckloads, the customer returns Direct Liquidation sells to our business customers provide a very affordable way for businesses to restock quickly, while also giving them peace of mind that what they’re buying is the real deal. After all, this is stock coming from companies such as Walmart and Target.

A Huge Range Of Returns To Choose From

On Direct Liquidation’s online marketplace, you’ll find a huge range of tested and untested returns to suit most reselling businesses. We stock returns made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, meaning you’ll find big name brands such as Apple, Beats by Dre, Fisher Price, Disney, DeWalt, Marvel, Samsung, BOSCH, HP, Fruit of the Loom, Microsoft, Google and many, many more on our website.

As you can see, these are the types of named products that will supply the needs of most resellers both online and offline, whether you’re a flea marketer specializing in selling clothing and accessories, or you run an online store selling electronics.

Buying Customer Returns From Direct Liquidation

If you’re interested in buying boxloads, pallets or truckloads of customer returns from Direct Liquidation, you can browse for the wholesale merchandise you need either by using the search bar, or by using the drop-down menu to search by category, brand, vendor or location.

Most of the customer returns Direct Liquidation sells to our business customers is sold via live auction. Live auctions take place on our site on a daily basis, 365 days a year. If that’s how you wish to buy merchandise from us, all you need to do is find a lot you’re interested in purchasing, enter bids up to a predetermined maximum bid and sit back and wait to see if you’re the winner of the live auction. If you are the winner, all that’s left to do is pay for your goods using one of our secure payment methods and then arrange shipping. More on shipping later.

If you’re not interested in participating in a live auction, there are a couple of other ways you can purchase wholesale returns from us. Most of the lots Direct Liquidation sells can also be bought for a fixed price. If a lot has a ‘Buy it Now’ button, simply click on that and you’ll bypass the auction process and be taken straight through to payment. You’ll still pay a great price that’s way below the lot’s total MSRP value, which will still leave plenty of room to make a profit.

Before you make a purchase, you’ll first need to sign up for a free account here.

We’re also always open to offers at Direct Liquidation. If you have a price in mind for a boxload, pallet or truckload of customer returns, by all means get in touch. You might just save even more money this way.

However you choose to buy customer returns from Direct Liquidation, you can rest assured you’re buying them at low prices. This gives you a great head start to squeeze the maximum amount of profit from your goods as the low prices you pay give you a better chance to charge your customers attractive prices and keep your competitors at bay.

Finally, a word about shipping. If you live close to one of our distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada, you can save yourself a considerable sum of money by picking up your customer returns in person. This will cut out the need to pay shipping costs, meaning there will be even more room to make a profit from your purchases. Check lot descriptions for conditions on pickups.

If you don’t live close to one of our distribution centers, you’ll no doubt consider using the services of a third-party courier. Before you do that, you should check out what Direct Liquidation charges for shipping using the shipping calculator that accompanies each lot on our site. Often we can ship cheaper than a third-party, so it’s always best to check as we might just be able to save you even more money.

Increasing Profitability When Selling Customer Returns

So, now you’ve bought a boxload, pallet or truckload of customer returns from Direct Liquidation, how do you go about squeezing the maximum amount of profit from your purchase? Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you increase your profits.

Selling Customer Returns Online

More people in the United States are buying products online than in physical stores these days, so it’s important to have an online presence. When it comes to selling returns online, most sellers think of Amazon and eBay as the best place to sell their goods. Both Amazon and eBay charge fees to use their services which vary depending on how you use them.

Both platforms are definitely worth opening accounts on, but don’t expect to start selling until you’ve built up a good reputation and a loyal customer base. Once you have and you’ve invested money in taking out a decent subscription package, expect to see healthy sales and profits from both platforms. Also, be sure to use selling tools such as JungleScout, AMZScout, 3Dsellers and CrazyLister to increase both automation and profitability.

As well as Amazon and eBay, you might want to try one of the smaller eCommerce store-hosting sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, 3dCart and Wix. For as little as $8.99 per month, you can build a store on one of these sites, integrate with other platforms such as Google Shopping and Amazon and take advantage of things like PayPal integration and search engine optimization. Having a well run store on Amazon, eBay or one of the smaller eCommerce platforms can increase your profits considerably, especially if you also integrate them with social media and spend some of your budget on advertising to spread the word.

As well as online marketplaces and e-commerce sites, you should also consider setting up your own website. Having your own site means you’re in complete control and nobody’s taking a cut of your profits. If you have some design savvy, you can set up the site yourself, or, thanks to freelance sites such as Fiverr, you can pay a professional a small sum of money to handle the design of the site for you. You can also integrate the other platforms you sell on into your website, as well as set up several payment methods to make shopping easy for your customers.

Having a website is a great way of increasing profits. Because you are in total control, you can offer customers discounts, flash sales, seasonal sales, 2-for-1 offers, vouchers and special deals whenever you like and link to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the word out there. For very little financial outlay, having your own website is a great way to bring in customers and increase revenue, but make sure it’s phone-friendly. Smartphones are now taking over from laptops as shoppers’ preferred method of buying online, so having a phone-optimized website is vital.

Speaking of social media, nowadays it’s impossible to ignore it. There are thousands and thousands of potential customers to be snapped up on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and it only takes a bit of savvy marketing to draw them in. Those with an eye for a good photo can take advantage of Instagram to show off what they’ve got for sale and those with a way with words can talk about their products on Twitter.

Far and away the best social media site for selling is Facebook. You can pay a very small amount of money to target ads at specific customers on the platform, increasing your chances of making a sale, plus you can sell directly to customers – especially locally – via Facebook Marketplace. It’s free to list items for sale through Facebook Marketplace, with nominal fees charged on items purchased. And don’t forget to integrate your social media accounts to other platforms you’re using such as eCommerce sites and your website for maximum coverage.

Selling Customer Returns Offline

While it’s true that more than 220 million people in the US are buying all or some of their shopping online these days, there are still plenty of Americans out there who prefer to buy things locally. If you’ve so far only been selling through the internet, tapping into the world can vastly improve your profits.

If the figures add up (rent, bills, taxes, staff costs, storage costs, etc.), you might want to consider opening your own store depending on the type of business you’re running. Many customers still prefer face-to-face contact, and if you’re rooted in your local area you could boost profits if you’re selling what local people want. It’s very important to do your research before opening your own store to make sure the numbers add up, but if they do, having your own store as well as a strong online presence can bring in even more customers and increase your profits.

Of course, not everyone wants to run their own store, but that doesn’t mean opportunities in your local area are closed off to you. We’ve already mentioned Facebook Marketplace is a great platform to sell locally, and so are sites like Craigslist and OfferUp. Selling on Craigslist is free, while OfferUp charges a minimum sales fee of $1.99 or a flat 12.9% of the total sale price depending on what you’re selling. Both also have the added advantage that customers tend to come to you to pick up the goods you sell on these platforms, cutting out postage and packing costs and saving you money. Another great way to sell locally is via classified ads which cost very little but can yield profitable results.

Finally, you should look at the opportunities afforded by renting a stall at your local flea market. Stalls are usually dirt cheap to rent and with a presence on a flea market you’ll reach customers on tight budgets, as well as price-savvy bargain hunters. If you have returns that you don’t class as of grade A quality, flea markets are a great place to sell them as customers aren’t always looking for products in pristine condition and usually don’t mind a bit of cosmetic damage as long as they can get them for a great price.

There are many ways you can maximize your profits when selling customer returns. The most important thing to get right is where you source those returns from, and for that you should look at what Direct Liquidation can do for your business.

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