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Liquidation Wholesalers: What They Are, Why You Need Them

If you run an online business specializing in buying and selling wholesale merchandise, you’ll no doubt always be on the lookout for a reliable source of good-quality merchandise sold at a low price that leaves plenty of room to make a tidy profit. Back in the day, the best sources for most businesses were local wholesale suppliers who could usually be relied on to sell wholesale merchandise at a reasonable price. Sadly, the days when you could rely on a traditional wholesale source are long gone.

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Now, the best place to source merchandise is from a top-tier liquidator. Unlike smaller scale liquidators and traditional wholesalers, top-tier liquidation wholesalers can still supply businesses with excellent quality merchandise at a good price. It’s no wonder more and more businesses are turning to them in this ferociously competitive retail age, and that is the reason your online business should consider doing the same.

What Are Top-Tier Liquidation Wholesale Companies?

Top-tier liquidation wholesalers such as Direct Liquidation operate in a completely different way from smaller-scale wholesale suppliers and liquidation companies. Top-tier liquidation wholesalers work in partnership with the top national retailers, offering them spaces on their online liquidation marketplaces through which such retail giants as Amazon, Walmart and Target can sell their unwanted customer returns, overstock and closeouts directly to businesses looking to buy top-quality wholesale merchandise.

Every year, the big-name national retailers are presented with a problem that must be solved quickly if they aren’t to find themselves overwhelmed with a mountain of unwanted stock clogging up their warehouses and stores. That problem is caused by the hundreds and thousands of customer returns retailers take back every year, as well as overstocked products and merchandise that needs to be disposed of because of circumstances such as store closures or store restructuring.

All of this merchandise must be disposed of as quickly as possible so it does not take up valuable space on the retailers’ warehouse shelves that could be used to store new products. That’s where top-tier liquidation specialists such as Direct Liquidation step in.

Liquidation wholesalers such as Direct Liquidation operate online liquidations platforms through which the retailers can dispose of their unwanted closeouts, overstock and customer returns as quickly as possible. And, because this is stock they wish to remove from their warehouses in as fast a turnaround time as possible, they’re willing to accept a much lower price for it. This means there are incredible bargains to be had on an online liquidation marketplace that businesses interested in reselling returns, overstock and closeouts simply won’t find elsewhere.

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What Will You Find On An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

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Because top-tier liquidators deal directly with some of the biggest names in US retail, you’ll find a vast range of branded and own brand products being offered by the retailers via an online liquidation marketplace. Take Direct Liquidation’s site, for example. Direct Liquidation sells returns, overstock and closeouts on behalf of Walmart, Target, Amazon and Lowe’s Hardware, meaning you’ll not only find products from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, LEGO and Black & Decker, you’ll also find top quality own brand merchandise such as Blackweb and Walmart’s trusted Mainstays brand.

This means you’ll be able to stock your retail business with a wide range of top-quality merchandise as and when it’s needed in amounts to suit you, whether that’s a truckload, a pallet or even just a box of liquidated stock. So, whatever type of business you run, be it a consumer electronics reselling business on the lookout for cheap wholesale electronics such as wholesale TVs, or your business specializes in buying and selling clothes and you’re on the lookout for men’s, women’s and children’s fashions, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on an online liquidation marketplace.

Why Your Online Business Needs Liquidation Wholesalers

As we’ve explained, an online liquidation marketplace is the best place to source top-quality merchandise from some of the country’s biggest retailers and most-trusted manufacturers. Not only is there a continuous supply of returns, overstock and closeouts on which to bid via live liquidation auctions that take place on a daily basis, but there is also the peace of mind of knowing that you’re dealing with retailers that sell only the genuine article and not counterfeit products, and liquidators who, unlike their smaller-scale wholesale competitors, do not indulge in such unscrupulous practices as cherry-picking pallets or altering manifests. What you see on an online liquidation marketplace is exactly what you’ll get – guaranteed.

Of course, the biggest reason why your business needs liquidation wholesalers is cost. In this day and age where competition is fierce and profit margins tight, finding top-quality merchandise to sell on to customers at a price that won’t break the bank has become increasingly hard as traditional wholesalers’ prices have veered ever closer to retail prices. Thankfully, because national retailers wish to dispose of their unwanted customer returns, overstock and closeouts in as fast a time as possible to free up valuable warehouse space, they’re willing to take a considerable hit on the price they can expect to recover on these kinds of goods. You’ll find all the aforementioned top-quality merchandise on an online liquidation marketplace being sold for considerably less than you’ll find elsewhere.

That means your business will be able to make a healthy profit on the merchandise you buy in bulk wholesale from an online liquidation marketplace thanks to the fact the goods you buy this way will be bought for much less than their MSRP value.

In an era where competition is fierce and margins can be very tight, it’s important to gain an edge if your business is to flourish in what can be a very challenging marketplace. Sourcing goods from a wholesale liquidation company can give your business the edge it needs. So why not check out what a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation can offer your business today? They’re very much looking forward to helping you make your business thrive.

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