Ordering Truckloads Of Amazon Customer Returns In The US: What You Need To Know

If you run a business dealing in reselling customer returns, you’ll always be on the lookout for the best and most reliable sources of stock to buy wholesale. In the past, it was perfectly possible to get your hands on reasonably-priced truckloads of returns from local suppliers. However, with wholesale prices rising and rising – to the extent that they’re almost on a par with wholesale prices – it’s getting harder and harder to secure the truckloads your business requires at a price that still leaves plenty of room to make a profit.

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This situation presents many resale businesses with a significant problem. Higher wholesale prices mean less potential to turn a profit, and the knock-on effects of that can be financially devastating. Indeed, some businesses have already had to downscale their operations and others have ceased trading altogether because they simply cannot operate their businesses effectively on such tight margins.

So, how to avoid falling into the same trap? Is there somewhere your business can still find truckloads of merchandise at prices that will still leave plenty of room for making a profit? Thankfully, there is. The place you’re looking for is an online liquidation marketplace operated by a top-tier liquidator. And in the case of Direct Liquidation, that means you’ll be buying truckloads of goods coming directly from one of the biggest retailers on the planet – Amazon. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

Unlike a traditional wholesaler, a top-tier liquidator offers some of the biggest names in US retail an online platform through which they can sell their unwanted returns to resellers. Direct Liquidation has partnered up with Amazon. So if you’re buying merchandise wholesale by the truckload, it’s now possible to buy a huge range of top-quality merchandise from some of the world’s leading manufacturers as well as Amazon’s own range products for a significantly smaller amount of money than you’ll find elsewhere.

Every year, Amazon takes back thousands upon thousands of items from customers for a wide variety of reasons ranging from faulty merchandise to customers changing their minds. No longer legally allowed to sell these products on as new (despite them often being new for all intents and purposes), they present Amazon with a logistical headache. These products take up valuable space on Amazon’s shelves that should be housing new products.

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Dead shelf space is something no retailer can tolerate, so Amazon looks to dispose of this type of merchandise as fast as possible. That’s where Direct Liquidation steps in. They provide Amazon with a space on their online liquidation sales platform through which Amazon can sell their unwanted customer returns direct to businesses. And because they want to dispose of their returns as fast as possible to free up shelf space, they’re willing to take a considerable hit on price.

That means you’ll find truckloads of Amazon returns being sold on Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace for much less than a traditional wholesaler could hope to offer. Direct Liquidation also does not cherry pick the truckloads of Amazon returns it sells on Amazon’s behalf, so what you see is what you get. And what you get is truckloads of excellent-quality stock being sold at a price that won’t break the bank, but will leave plenty of room for your business to make money.

A Huge Range Of Top-Quality Amazon Products

Head on over to Direct Liquidation’s Amazon landing page and you’ll find a large range of Amazon wholesale merchandise your company can buy in truckloads. Direct Liquidation caters for businesses who specialize in selling all kinds of products, from clothing, children’s toys, PCs, wholesale laptops, smartphones and tablets, to office supplies, home improvement goods and even parts and accessories for the automobile industry.

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Amazon is one of the biggest and most comprehensive retailers in the world, and as such the variety of its customer returns reflects the sheer enormity of the volume of merchandise the company carries. If you’re looking for the best and widest range of products for your business, look no further than Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform. Whatever your business is looking for, you’re more than likely to find it on Direct Liquidation’s site, and you’ll find it being sold at a considerably lower price.

Buying Truckloads Of Amazon Returns From A Liquidator

Buying truckload of Amazon returns from Direct Liquidation couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve signed up for an account – this requires a valid reseller’s license – you’ll be able to buy truckloads of Amazon merchandise as and when your company requires.

Most of Direct Liquidation’s truckloads are sold for a fixed price and can be purchased by each truckload’s ‘Buy it Now button’ However, some truckloads are available to buy via live liquidation auctions. If a truckload you’re interested in falls into that category, you can still buy it for a fixed price, or you can set up an email alert that will notify you when the truckload you have your eye on is about to go up for auction. When it does, you can enter bids during the duration of the auction and if you’re the successful bidder, the truckload is yours.

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Direct Liquidation is also open to offers on the Amazon liquidations it features on its site. This should be of particular interest to returning customers since, just like your business, Direct Liquidation is keen to keep returning customers happy. You may find you get an even better price on truckloads of Amazon returns this way. This is certainly something to bear in mind for the future.

Buying truckloads of Amazon returns from Direct Liquidation is a great way of ensuring your business has a steady bulk supply of excellent-quality stock as and when required. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re dealing with an experienced liquidator who is trusted by Amazon to sell through its customer returns to businesses at a fair price that will help you increase your company’s profits. If you’re on the lookout for truckloads of Amazon customer returns, look no further than Direct Liquidation.

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