Stock Your Business with Liquidated Customer Returns in Charlotte and the Carolinas

No matter where you live, you will be familiar with these three names. You have probably attempted getting wholesale deals with any of those companies to buy their merchandise in bulk but it was not possible since your small business can’t cope with their high minimum order policy. Well there is a way around it, but more on that later.

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You tried to get their merchandise because of the quality it would add to your business. The fact is that these retail giants are where they are because of the quality they provide to their customers. They also provide their customers with a very generous return policy that will give you a refund within 30 days after the purchase as well as a lengthy guarantee period. With that, however, and the scale of their throughput, it is inevitable that a large amount of merchandise gets returned.

These customer returns, no matter in what condition they are, can’t be sold as A-Stock any more and have to be sold in other ways. This is why you will see the retailers liquidate their customer returns. There are plenty of reasons why merchandise gets returned. It could be damaged during transport, or the customer expected the product to be different in real life, or maybe they simply tried it out and changed their mind about it and returned it to the seller.

The reason why this is good for your business is the fact that you will find that a lot of returned merchandise is actually in brand new condition, in their original boxes. However, as it is now a customer returned item, it is discounted and has to be liquidated, because the retailer does not want the merchandise to take up space in their warehouse.

So this means that you can get merchandise not only well below MSRP, but even below wholesale price. And if you live near the Blacksburg distribution center in South Carolina, you can drive to the spot and get your hands on pallets of Walmart, Amazon or Target liquidated merchandise. Doesn’t matter what you need, clothing, electronics, tools or something else, you are bound to find it. And the distribution center’s proximity to the border with North Carolina makes it suitable to serve both states. The proximity with Charlotte is not to be overlooked either.

So how does this benefit your business? Simple, you are buying quality merchandise from reputable retail giants at prices below wholesale, while also cutting down on the delivery costs. This helps you achieve your goal of keeping a high profit margin on resale, giving your business a significant boost and an advantage over the competition that is avoiding liquidated merchandise.


Buying Liquidated Customer Returns

The process of buying liquidated merchandise from top brands such as Walmart, Amazon or Target, could not be easier. Whether you live in Spartanburg, Gastonia or even Charlotte or Atlanta, Georgia, taking the Interstate 85 will get you to the Blacksburg distribution center. Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive there alone, the delivery is fairly simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’d like to purchase a lot, a pallet or even a truckload, you can check the availability of the merchandise at the distribution center in Blacksburg. As noted, the throughput that the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Target have means the merchandise is often available and, if it isn’t there now, it will be in a matter of days if not hours. The simple step to follow is to search liquidated merchandise available at Blacksburg and to pick what you need.

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There are a couple of ways to buy the merchandise. Pallets of liquidated merchandise are often sold through live auctions. But if you don’t fancy bidding against other buyers you can instead use the ‘buy now’ option and purchase the merchandise for a fixed price, if it fits your calculations.

Retailers such as Amazon, Walmart or Target usually liquidate their merchandise and ship from their warehouses immediately after the auctions close, but traditionally, wholesalers would snap up this merchandise and then sell it on to end consumers with a markup. This is why they use the Direct Liquidation platform to avoid the middlemen and serve the end customers directly.

You just need to register for an account and then you can buy customer returns, overstock, closeouts, any sort of B-Stock merchandise you need. There is no cherry picking by the wholesaler and you are always provided with a manifest showing you what exactly is in each pallet or a lot. This means you know the number of items that are in there as well as the type, so you can pick and choose merchandise you actually need. And with the prices being below wholesale certainly makes it worth a try.

Getting The Merchandise Delivered

Once you have closed the purchase of your desired pallet of customer returns, it is easy to get hold of it. The Blacksburg distribution center in South Carolina benefits from the Interstate 85 that connects Charlotte, North Carolina with Atlanta, Georgia and even beyond to Richmond Virginia and further south to Montgomery, Alabama.

The Blacksburg distribution center is also close to Walmart’s Supercenter in Gaffney, South Carolina, also conveniently connected with the Interstate 85. Delivering merchandise from the Blacksburg distribution center is made easy.

And if you live in the surrounding area, it makes sense to get behind the wheel of a van and head down to the Blacksburg distribution center, load the merchandise up yourself and head back home, saving on delivery costs and keeping even more money in your pocket.

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