How to Buy Customer Returns from Large American Retailers?

If you run a retail business, you’ll no doubt always be on the lookout for reliable supplies of merchandise that you can buy wholesale for the best price possible to maximize your business’s profits. In the old days, that meant relying on a chain of local wholesalers and small-scale liquidation companies who could supply your business with the merchandise it needed at a reasonable price. Yes, you paid a premium on the goods you bought, but it was easily absorbable because there was still plenty of room to make a profit.

Sadly, as many retailers are discovering to their horror recently, wholesale prices aren’t what they once were. Now closer to retail prices than ever before toss in that aforementioned premium and many retailers are staring down the barrels of there being virtually no margin on the stock they buy from their regular supplier. A tight margin in a fiercely competitive market such as retail can spell disaster.

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So, is there a way to slay the dragon of recent wholesale-retail price parity? Thankfully, yes there is. If you want a reliable source of great-quality merchandise that’s cheap enough to still turn a profit, you should look at switching to buying customer returns from some of the largest retailers in the United States. Here’s how.

What Are Customer Returns?

Every year, customers of some of the biggest names in US retail take back thousands of items for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason for customers to return purchases to stores is because the items they have bought turn out to be faulty, and they, therefore, wish to return them for working items. Others return items because they discover superficial or noticeable damage to the packaging, the product or both. Others return goods because they change their minds. This last category is classed as ‘B-stock’, i.e. brand-new merchandise that is no longer legally allowed to be classified as new, despite the fact it actually is.

All these types of customer returns present companies such as Amazon, Lowe’s Hardware, Walmart and Target with a problem. They take up a lot of space on their warehouses, and that’s space that should be being used to house new product.

Obviously, they don’t want to dispose of these returns in a landfill – they still wish to see a return on these products if at all possible, however small that return is. They’re not, however, prepared to spend the time or take up the store space selling this type of merchandise in store. They are not, after all, discounters or second-hand stores. So, where do all these thousands of returns go?

Well, that’s where a top-tier liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation steps in. A liquidator works in tandem with the big-name retailers, providing them a platform on their online liquidation marketplaces through which retailers such as Target can sell through their unwanted returns for live liquidation auctions to businesses.

Working In Partnership To Bring You Great Stock At Fantastic Prices

Thanks to the unique partnerships big-name retailers and top-tier liquidators forge, you’ll find a massive range of top-quality customer returns, including ‘as new’, B-stock merchandise, when you take a look at a liquidator’s online liquidation sales platform.

For example, if you’re a consumer electronics retailer and you choose to buy pallets or truckloads of customer returns from Direct Liquidation, who have partnered up with Amazon, Walmart and Target, you’ll find a huge range of electronics goods in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’ from some of the biggest names in the business; names such as Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Huawei and many, many more.

Whatever you’re on the lookout for, be it wholesale laptops, smartphones, and tablets, Walmart computer monitors, consoles, games and peripherals, or be it more specialist items such as quadcopters and drones, you’ll find everything you need on Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace.

And best of all, because this is all stock the big-name retailers wish to dispose of quickly to free up space for new stock, you’ll find all of these great quality products being sold at a price well below its MSRP value. So unlike traditional wholesale sources, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to make a healthy profit on your stock purchases when buying merchandise wholesale from a liquidator.

Purchasing Customer Returns From A Liquidator

Buying customer returns from some of the country’s biggest retail names couldn’t be easier. Most pallets of returns are sold via live auctions that take place on a liquidator’s online liquidation marketplace on a daily basis. Once you’ve signed up for a free account using a copy of a valid resellers license, simply use the search function on the site or use the drop-down category menu to find and locate the type pf stock you’re interested in.

You’ll find stock in huge range of categories, from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, consumer electronics, toys and games, home and garden supplies and food and drink, to outdoor and indoor lighting, office supplies, home improvement supplies and even automobile parts, tools and accessories.

Once you’ve located a pallet of returns you’re interested in, you can set up an email alert that will notify you when the auction of that particular pallet is about to start. When it does, all you have to do is enter bids up to a predetermined limit and, if you’re the successful bidder, the pallet of returns is yours. If you haven’t got the time or the inclination to bid in live auctions, most pallets are also available to buy for a fixed price via each lot’s ‘Buy it Now’ button, which acts in the same way as eBay’s. You can also approach the liquidator directly with your own cash offer. If they like what they hear, then that’s the price you’ll pay.

Once you’ve bought a pallet of returns, all that’s left is to arrange shipping to an address of your choosing. You can opt to go with your own courier, or you can let the liquidator handle the logistics for you. It’s worth checking to see if the liquidator can ship your goods cheaper than a third-party courier, and most offer a shipping calculator which will help you determine your best shipping option.

And that, in a nutshell, is how you buy customer returns from some of the biggest names in US retail. By buying wholesale merchandise from a liquidator, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting the best-quality products at the best possible prices. You’ll be able to offer your customers fantastic prices, you’ll keep one step ahead of the competition and, most importantly of all, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make a healthy profit. Looking to buy returns from companies such as Walmart, Target and Lowe’s? Look no further than an online liquidation specialist. They’re looking forward to doing business with you.

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