How Easy is it to Work with Wholesale Suppliers?

If you run a retail business online or a traditional brick and mortar operation, you’ll know how important it is to source the stock you need for your business at the lowest possible price. And of course, you’ll know the importance of being able to access goods made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. If you run a discount store or a flea market business, you will want to source good quality cheap wholesale merchandise that’s priced low enough for your business to still turn a decent profit.

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Whatever business you run, be it an online electronics store on a platform such as eBay or Amazon, or be it a sporting goods store on Main Street, you may have noticed a troubling trend that’s emerged in the last few years and that, if unchecked, threatens to undermine your business regardless of how hard you work to retain customers. We’re talking, of course, about the worrying parity developing between retail and wholesale prices.

Back in the day, wholesalers could offer their customers big enough discounts on the merchandise they needed, which meant retailers could make a reasonable return on their investments. Nowadays, with wholesalers offering goods at prices that are virtually the same as retail prices, those days are all but over. So, what do you do? Well, for many retailers, the answer is to source stock from an online liquidation marketplace.

So, how easy is it to work with this type of wholesale supplier?

What Does An Online Liquidation Marketplace Do?

Unlike a traditional wholesale source, top-tier liquidators are online wholesale suppliers who work in partnership with some of the country’s largest retailers, offering them a platform where they can sell their unwanted customer returns, closeouts, and overstock goods to businesses at a fraction of their MSRP value.

On an online liquidation marketplace you’ll find a huge range of top-quality merchandise covering a whole host of retail categories from women’s and men’s fashions, sports clothing and sporting equipment, to toys and games, games consoles and consumer electronics such as wholesale laptops, desktop PCs, monitors, tablets and phones made by leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Samsung and HP.

And it’s as easy as a couple of clicks of a mouse to find exactly what you need for your business on an online liquidation marketplace. A drop-down menu will show you all the categories of goods a liquidator deals with, and from there you can navigate to exactly the stock you require, be that office supplies, home improvement, food, and drink or even automobile parts, accessories and tools.

Each category contains a list of lots that are available to buy by the pallet, and every pallet can be bought by live auction or at a fixed price or even a negotiated price. And if you’re on the lookout for a truckload of merchandise for your business with the aim to cut down on your shipping costs and secure an even bigger discount on your purchase, a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation has a dedicated team of liquidation specialists who can guide you through the buying process and help with shipping and handling, as well as any problems you may encounter or questions you might have.

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With distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada, conveniently located next to major highways and close to the big name retailers’ networks of warehouses, you’ll also find it easy to get hold of the goods that are the engine of any retail business speedily and efficiently, and everything you buy comes with a liquidator’s 90-warranty. Combined with the knowledge that you’re buying top-quality stock from some of the biggest retailers in the country, that’s even more peace of mind when considering switching to buying liquidated stock from a company such as Direct Liquidation.

Quality Stock At The Cheapest Prices

Of course, as well as being able to source top-quality stock from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers, you’ll also be taking advantage of the fact that you’re buying directly from retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target and Best Buy when you source merchandise from a liquidation business.

Because the retailers wish to dispose of the thousands upon thousands of customer returns, closeouts and overstocked products that are taking up valuable room on their warehouse shelves, they’re willing to take a considerable hit on price. This means you’ll be able to buy the tested and untested pallets or truckloads of merchandise you need for your business at prices that have to be seen to be believed.

Thanks to being able to source merchandise at a much lower cost than from traditional wholesale sources, that means you’ll have plenty of room to offer your customers very good deals and low prices. This will also increase your business’s chances of retaining customers, building up customer loyalty and, of course, staying one step ahead of the competition that’s always snapping at your heels.

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Working With You To Help Your Business Thrive

As we have explained, working with a liquidator couldn’t be easier. With dedicated customer service teams on hand to help you with any query you might have, a location near you so you can get the goods you need as soon as possible, a 90-day warranty on all goods sold, a reputation to uphold that comes from working with some of the biggest retailers in the land and an expertise when it comes to logistics, you’ll be delighted with the ease in which you can source, buy and receive top-quality merchandise from an online liquidation marketplace.

When it comes to where to buy pallets of merchandise, many retailers are discovering the benefits of sourcing merchandise through a liquidator’s site. And they’re also quickly discovering the financial benefits of doing so as they see their profits rise. If you want to stay ahead in today’s fiercely competitive retail environment, you should consider sourcing the merchandise your business requires from an online liquidation marketplace. Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to work with this kind of wholesale supplier, and we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before you’re coming back for more.

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