What Are Refurbished Electronics? Can You Make Money With Them?

If you buy and sell wholesale electronics, you’ll always be on the lookout for cheaper, more reliable sources of wholesale merchandise to keep your customers happy, the competition at bay and the profits flowing. If that’s you, you should check out the refurbished electronics for sale on an online liquidation marketplace owned and operated by a top-tier liquidation specialist like Direct Liquidation.

Here we take a look at what refurbished electronics are, where’s the best place to source them from and how they will make your business money.

What Are Refurbished Electronics?

Liquidators separate refurbished electronics into three grades. These grades are:

Grade A

Grade A refurbished liquidated electronics are in an ‘as new’, ‘retail ready’ condition. This means they have no blemishes, scratches, defects, dents or signs of aging at all. The electronics in this category have been fully restored to the manufacturers’ original specifications.

Grade A refurbished electronics usually come in their original packaging. If this is not the case, they will instead come packaged in plain white or brown packaging. All the original accessories – such as chargers, headphones, etc. – will be either present or will have been replaced with like-for-like replacements and the products will come with all the original documentation save for the original manufacturer’s warranty. Instead, the liquidator offers a new 90-day warranty which is valid from the date of pick-up.

Grade B

Unlike Grade A category electronics, Grade B category products bear slight cosmetic defects such as the odd scratch, slight signs of aging or a tiny dent. These products are fully inspected and tested and returned to manufacturer’s spec and are sold in a ‘retail ready’ condition.

Like Grade A category products, Grade B refurbished liquidated electronics come in either their original packaging or white or brown replacement packaging with all accessories and original documentation apart from the original warranty which, again, has been replaced with the liquidator’s own 90-warranty valid from the date of pick-up.

Grade C

The final category of refurbished liquidation electronics is Grade C. These are products that have been inspected, tested and returned to manufacturer quality standards, yet bear significant cosmetic defects such as highly visible scratches, dents and very obvious signs of wear and tear.

As with Grades A and B refurbished electronics, Grade C products come in ‘retail ready’ original or plain packaging with all accessories present or replaced with like-for-like and all original documentation barring the original manufacturers’ warranty which has been replaced with the liquidator’s 90-warranty, again valid from the date of pick-up.

The Best Place To Buy Refurbished Electronics From

Direct Liquidation is a Better Business Bureau-accredited top-tier liquidation wholesale specialist with over ten years’ experience in the business. Direct Liquidation has a huge range of refurbished electronics on offer to buy in pallets, box loads or truckloads via online liquidation auction or for a fixed or negotiated price.

If you’re on the lookout for top quality refurbished electronics wholesale, you should look no further than Direct Liquidation who can offer buyers refurbished electronics from some of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. Take a look at Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace and you’ll find refurbished liquidated electronics by global names such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Google, HP, LG and many, many more.

And thanks to Direct Liquidation’s partnership with Amazon and Walmart, you’ll even find refurbished products from Walmart’s Blackweb electronics range and Amazon’s Basic range. This is great news for electronics resellers who are looking to service customers on much tighter budgets.

Making Money From Refurbished Electronics

You absolutely can make money by buying refurbished electronics from a reputable online liquidation specialist such as Direct Liquidation. Not everyone’s got the cash to splash out on the latest Apple iPhone or the newest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note, which means there are plenty of customers out there who want to get their hands on quality tech without breaking the bank. These are people who don’t mind the odd scratch or dent; people who just want fully working consumer electronics that do not cost the earth to buy.

By buying refurbished electronics from a liquidations specialists such as Direct Liquidation, you’ll be able to supply a wide range of customers on different budgets with Grade A, Grade B and Grade C category consumer electronics manufactured by some of the biggest names in the business.

And because you’ll have bought the goods via live liquidation auction or for a fixed or even negotiated price, you’ll have bought them for well below their actual value. This means you can offer your customers low prices, keep one step ahead of the competition and still make plenty of profits on goods sourced this way.

These days, customers are desperate to get their hands on great quality tech, but not everyone’s got the money to buy the latest gadgets and gizmos. If you want to tap into this market, you should look no further than what an online liquidator such as Direct Liquidation can offer your business.

With a huge range of inspected, tested and restored refurbished liquidated electronics on offer, and with the peace of mind of a 90-day warranty on all refurbished goods, buying refurbished electronics from a liquidator really is the best, most reliable and cheapest way of getting a steady stream of top-quality refurbished products for a price you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Wholesale liquidation Grade A, Grade B and Grade C refurbished electronics are in high demand from customers on tighter budgets than those lucky few who can always afford to buy new. If you’re to take advantage of this growing customer base, you need to source stock from the best and cheapest place around.

Liquidators such as Direct Liquidation can help you tap into this ever-growing market, so why not check out what they can offer your business today? When it comes to top-quality refurbished electronics, there really is no better place to source from than a top-tier liquidation specialist.

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