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Clothing and fashion go hand in hand so easily and the market is not only evolving but is always hungry for more merchandise. Catering to the market’s needs is oftentimes difficult, especially within the clothing segment that can be hampered by the seasonality of items. What works in the summer will certainly not be very functional in the winter, and some people don’t want to wait for the next summer to see that the piece they have been waiting for has been replaced by a redesigned model. So online shopping, and all-season availability, is an essential piece of the puzzle. If you have that piece, you have set your business up for success.

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But, finding the clothing items to fill your store throughout the year, be it a brick and mortar store or an online one is a challenge. Whether you do the business full time or spend your spare time seeking deals on merchandise you buy and resell, getting items for cheap is the biggest problem. So the specific industry is faced with specific issues which you have to deal with. Here are a few tips on how to get your store stocked whole year-round while staying competitive in the market and boosting your business.

Buying Pallets of Clothing Online

The most important thing is to buy merchandise for cheap so that your profit margin stays healthy and that your effort put into your business is adequately rewarded. The rule of thumb is to buy in bulk, because this grants you reduced prices and saves on shipping costs as you ship a larger amount of products at once. But buying from a manufacturer is often out of reach for small buyers as they require you to order a large amount of merchandise which might not always be within your budget.

This means that you have to look elsewhere and wholesale suppliers are the next logical step. They actually buy merchandise by the truckload and then sell it on to end users or smaller buyers in pallets or lots. Building a reliable network of wholesalers will provide you with options to pick and choose the source that gives you the best price at a given moment. In addition, if you build healthy business relationships with wholesalers, you may get additional loyalty perks such as discounts or preferable payment options.

However, comparing prices of the single items you can buy online with the price you pay for the merchandise from your source, you will see that the two are fairly similar. This leaves you with a rather small profit margin which does not make much sense to continue pushing on with the business.

So what you actually need is the mix between the ability to buy by the pallet at prices below wholesale. What you are looking at are liquidation platforms. Before you click on the next article about buying clothes online you have lined up for reading, do continue reading this one. Hearing liquidation people usually do what we just said, click on the next one, because liquidation was usually associated with used, broken or end-of-life merchandise. Nowadays, however, a number of companies have stepped their game up and are providing just the service that you as a small retailer or online reseller are looking for, cheap but quality merchandise. One of these companies is Direct Liquidation.

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Like you would have built up business relationships with wholesalers to get better deals, Direct Liquidation has used its reputation to tie up with top retailers and serve as their liquidation platform that helps them reach a wider online audience and get their liquidation merchandise out the door quicker. Direct Liquidation has so far partnered with the likes of Amazon, Target or Walmart which bring a number of benefits to you as a buyer. So again, do read on to see how this will not only be your next source of clothing online, but also your ticket to a higher profit.

Benefits of Buying Pallets of Liquidated Clothing

As mentioned above, clothing is a seasonal type of merchandise, and it presents a specific set of challenges to the retailers. If it remains unsold for whatever reason, it has to be moved off the shelves to free up space for new collections. This means that retailers will organize closeout sales, discounting the merchandise significantly to get it out the door quickly. You can also find that the store management ordered excessive amount of a certain piece of clothing and it never got to see the store shelves. Instead it remained stored in the warehouse. This type of merchandise is called overstock. What closeouts and overstock items have in common is the fact that both are basically brand new.

Instead of storing this merchandise over the out-of-season period, retailers decide to liquidate it. This is where Direct LIquidation platform comes into the picture. You register for an account and go searching for the merchandise you need.

So now that you know where to buy, let’s lists the positives. First positive is the obvious one, the price. Buying through an online liquidation platform such as Direct Liquidation you are avoiding the wholesaler’s markup as you are basically buying directly from the retailer. In addition, the merchandise is shipped directly from the retailers’ distribution centers which means, if you plan your purchase carefully and the stock is available at a distribution center near you, you can make a further saving on the delivery costs, or simply go and pick the merchandise up yourself.

As mentioned, seasonality of clothing is an issue for small online resellers, however, with the amount of merchandise throughput that the likes of Amazon, Walmart or Target have, you are unlikely to run out of options for any type of clothing during any given season.

Besides price and availability, we have to consider the condition of the merchandise. Given the reputation the companies mentioned have, and the types of merchandise you can buy, the quality is not a concern. It is advisable to go for closeouts, overstock and any sort of B-Stock that is basically brand new, but it does come at a higher price point that other customer returned items. However, such merchandise also has a higher resale value. This means higher profit margin and the ability to be competitive in any market.

If you do have concerns over the quality of merchandise you intend to purchase, you can always go through the manifest which is essentially a list showing you what type or items are packed in a pallet, their quantity and quality. This way you also know what you are buying.

So if you are looking for cheap pallets of quality clothing merchandise to buy online, head over to Direct Liquidation and get hold of your next pallet of cheap clothing.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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