How to Buy and Resell Amazon Customer Return Pallets of Electronics

Buying wholesale merchandise to sell on global platforms like eBay or Amazon has become a very popular spare-time hobby for some, and a business for others. In any case, more and more people are adding this type of businesses to their sources of income.

But to succeed in a competitive market you have to know what sells and what doesn’t. By doing some research you will be able to figure out the market trends, pinpoint undersupplied markets and decide what sort of wholesale products you could sell on these websites.

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Research would also tell you that books and electronics are the top products selling online. However, with high demand comes high competition as these two markets are swamped with sellers trying to offer the same product.

wholesale pallets

For every product you try to sell there will be a hundred other sellers, selling the exact same product and for a price very close to wholesale. So, how do you compete in such a market? How do you make a profit? How do you stay afloat?

The most common way of buying wholesale electronics has always been to go through wholesale suppliers. But, unless you are a long-term customer and can negotiate a favorable and flexible deal with the wholesaler that will offer you better financial terms and supply you only the wholesale products you want, you will barely be making any money. And that is if you manage to get your products noticed in a sea of other electronic gadgets.

The easiest way, apart from a marketing campaign to get your purchased wholesale electronics noticed on any of the websites is the most obvious one: the price. The goal is to source your wholesale Amazon electronics as cheap as possible, giving yourself enough room to make money while staying very competitive and investing in a bit of marketing.

Where can you Buy Amazon Returns Pallets of Electronics Cheaply?

If the wholesale suppliers don’t offer you the terms that would allow you to stay competitive in the market, it is time to look elsewhere. One such source would be the liquidation companies that are gaining in popularity day by day.

Amazon sellers who are receiving a lot of returned items (up to 30% of all items sold online are returned) often use liquidators to deal with the resulting logistical problems – to get some money back, and to clear warehouse space

Before you start saying refurbished, tested-not-working, used and such things are not worth your money, you have to consider that knowing how to buy can give you the advantage you need over your competition, and result in a profit that will put a smile on your face.

As long as you find a reputable liquidation company, you will be able to purchase not only cheap wholesale amazon returns electronics but also high-quality wholesale products.

Both retailers and manufacturers prefer to liquidate wholesale electronics and other merchandise through liquidation companies, rather than selling them to wholesale suppliers.

This is reflected in exclusive contracts top liquidators sign with retailers and manufacturers that enable the latter pair to list their liquidation merchandise on these websites.

In addition, these contracts ensure that the quality of the products listed for sale is high. For you as a buyer, this means cheaper wholesale electronics, since you will still be buying in bulk, by the pallet.

Are the Cheapest Pallets of Amazon Returns any Good?

This is a valid question as merchandise condition is of great importance. Looking at the prices of the wholesale pallets, you will see some going for pennies on the dollar, the majority being rated as ‘Untested Customer Returns’.

These are the products that have ended up at liquidation after being returned by the buyer to retailers, manufacturers or a distribution center. No tests have been carried nor have any repairs been done. While some may run away from these products, here are a couple of reasons why you should go exactly for such pallets, especially if you have a knack for fixing electrical products.

Estimates show that 75 percent of plug and play products are in working condition. However, you are giving up on warranty as these items are sold ‘AS IS’, with no guarantees.

Another reason to go for untested customer returns is the fact that products get returned for a variety of reasons. Often you’ll get products that have been returned because the shipment was wrong, the seller shipped the wrong product, wrong color, or the buyer purchased another product. This, however, is the best case scenario.

Sometimes you might end up buying products that have been returned because of various faults, and this is the area where you could profit the most, if you are good at fixing things. Buyers are either uninterested or not qualified to fix products, and the reality is that if you purchase a new product, you expect it to work. Sometimes products get damaged during transport, but the fix is not expensive. Spending some time understanding the flaws and fixing them could bring you the profit you desire.

Doing business with reputable liquidators makes the process a bit easier. While you would still be purchasing customer returned merchandise, you will be provided with a manifest showing the products’ grade, as well as the quantity and type of products in the pallet, reducing the chance of purchasing scrap.

Combining Untested Customer Returned Pallets for Profit

Besides untested customer returns, liquidators offer pallets of merchandise that has been tested but is not functional even after some repairs have been attempted. These products are categorized as ‘Scrap’. However, while some parts might be missing, some of these products could serve as donors for parts you need to fix other products you purchased as untested customer returns that are not in working condition. Even combining products within a pallet could bring you a profit in the end when you calculate the purchase costs and the sales figures.

One of the main requirements when selling such products is patience, as it might take time to fix things. Additionally, it pays off not to be greedy. Attracting customers with lower prices can work wonders, and all you have to do is make sure you are making a profit once you have sold all the products from a wholesale pallet.

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