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Running your own online resale business can be very rewarding, but at times getting the right deals and buying the right merchandise for your customers can be hard. The pricing is especially difficult to figure out as you need to buy as low as possible to secure any kind of profit on resale. The prices that single items fetch nowadays are borderline wholesale, which leaves a very tight profit margin to play with.

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If your specialty is electronics, you probably only want to deal with either new or nearly new items. Buying and selling used products is something you might not want to deal with. Getting that type of quality means higher investment and even if you have strong business connections to a number of wholesalers, it is hard to get the discounts you are looking for.

In addition, if you are looking for a certain quality level at a lower price, buying Amazon returns that have not been cherry-picked or even overstock merchandise would certainly fit the bill. But where can you find a source that will provide a direct link to Amazon merchandise? Well, there is a way, but before we look into the source and how to find it, let’s understand better the terms Amazon returns and overstock.

What are Amazon Returns and Overstock?

With the amount of merchandise handled by an e-commerce platform such as Amazon, and with a 30 percent of all online purchases ending up back at the retailer, there is a significant amount of merchandise that is purchased and resold. This type of merchandise is known as Amazon returns and can be anything from clothing to laptops. If you are interested in electronics, the latter category will certainly be of interest to you.

But to understand what sort of items these returns are and what sort of condition they are in, you have to look into the reasons why they returned. Sometimes the retailer shipped the wrong size or color of the product, the customer expected the product to be different or the item delivered is not something the customer ordered. All these can be valid reasons for the merchandise to be returned.

Overstock, on the other hand, is slightly different as it never got sold but was actually excess merchandise ordered by the retailer who misjudged the demand for the product. This means that these items are still in their original packaging and are basically brand new.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the terms, it is time to find Amazon returns and overstock merchandise at prices that will allow you to be competitive in any market.

Where to Buy Amazon Returns and Overstock Online?

You have been in the business for a while and your traditional channels, the wholesale suppliers are not cutting it, even with all the loyalty discounts you are getting. This is why you need to look for a new source, a source that is reputable and will provide you access to Amazon returns and overstock at even lower prices.

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One such source is Direct Liquidation. This is not a traditional liquidation company, as it is also a platform that uses its reputation to tie in cooperation deals with top-tier retailers and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon to liquidate merchandise that needs to be sold quickly.

Retail giants such as Walmart or Target have chosen to liquidate their merchandise through Direct Liquidation, and now Amazon is following in their footsteps and is using Direct Liquidation’s extensive knowledge of the business to move the merchandise quickly. The best thing of all, you are getting rid of the wholesale markup and purchasing merchandise below wholesale price.

Isn’t Liquidated Merchandise Low Quality?

The ‘scrap’ label gets thrown around very easily when it comes to liquidation merchandise. However, Direct Liquidation partners only with reputable retailers and top-tier companies. Names such as Amazon, Target or Walmart speak volumes for themselves. Yes, the truth is that a large portion of liquidated merchandise is used, not working or only good for spare parts, but this does not mean every lot you pick is scrap. To make sure you are buying quality merchandise, you just need to keep reading and find out how you should approach the purchase.

As a platform, Direct Liquidation does not meddle with the merchandise as it is listed and sold ‘as is’. This means that the retailers pack the merchandise and ship it directly to the buyer. However, Direct Liquidation does require a certain standard to be met in terms of merchandise condition. In addition, you are able to go through a manifest, a packing list which will show you the number of items contained in a pallet, the type of items and a description of the items. So make sure you read through the whole list before buying. This will allow you to buy only the things you want.

And although the listing might say untested customer returns, this does not mean you are taking a huge gamble. Statistically, since your target products are electronics, 75 percent of these products are good to go straight out of the packaging.

The overstock option is an even better one in terms of quality. These products have never been sold and are still in original packaging. The catch here is that these items might come at a higher purchase price. On the other hand, they will be more attractive on resale and have a higher value, balancing out your profit margin. In the end, it will still be below the price you might be able to negotiate with your wholesale supplier as there is no wholesaler’s markup.

In addition to the reputation of the parties involved, the statistics and the price, Direct Liquidation has dedicated account managers who will help you arrange purchases and find the merchandise you are looking for at the prices you are comfortable paying. They will even work with you on delivery schedules if you decide to make frequent purchases and will also help you in search of an adequate delivery option.

So, with all things considered, if you are looking to buy Amazon returns and overstock online, going through Direct Liquidation is probably the choice that will provide you the best shot at getting the right merchandise for your business while boosting your profit margin in the process.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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