How Do You Buy Liquidated Goods Wholesale Online?

If you run a business buying and selling wholesale merchandise, you’re no doubt always on the lookout for a cheaper, more reliable source of top-quality goods. Indeed, in this day and age, the need to find cheaper, more reliable wholesale suppliers has only grown more urgent as the wholesale prices offered by more traditional sources have veered ever closer to retail prices, meaning profits are being squeezed to next to nothing.

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So, with finding a better, cheaper supplier something of an imperative these days, where’s the best place to turn to? For many small businesses specializing in buying and selling wholesale merchandise, the answer is to get hold of a resellers license and start sourcing surplus merchandise from an online liquidation marketplace.

Here’s why sourcing merchandise this way makes sense, as well as a guide to how your business can buy liquidated goods wholesale online.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

First up, it’s important to distinguish an online liquidation marketplace from other types of wholesalers. An online liquidation marketplace is a site owned and operated by a liquidator such as Direct Liquidation. Unlike other types of wholesale suppliers, liquidators work in partnership with big-name national retailers, providing them with an online sales space through which they can sell their unwanted surplus merchandise direct to resellers.

Every year, national retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon wind up with huge amounts of surplus merchandise for a variety of reasons. For example, there is so-called ‘overstock’. This is usually seasonal items and items retailers have over-ordered, and when seasons come to an end or newer products start to replace older models, the overstock is no longer needed. Similarly, when a retailer closes or reorganizes one of its stores, the stock from those stores also becomes surplus to requirements.

By far the biggest source of surplus merchandise is customer returns. Every year, customers return goods to stores for a number of reasons ranging from the products not working, to superficial or noticeable damage to the products, to customers simply changing their minds and returning brand new products that then have to be classified as used goods.

All this surplus merchandise has to go somewhere so it doesn’t take up valuable warehouse space that should be housing brand new stock the retailer can sell full price. That’s where a liquidations specialist such as Direct Liquidation steps in.

A liquidator sells this surplus merchandise on the retailers’ behalf via its online liquidation wholesale sales platform. And because this is surplus merchandise coming direct from some of the country’s biggest retail names, there is always a steady supply of top-quality merchandise, meaning there will always be stock to buy as and when your business needs it. And, best of all, because this is stock the retailer wishes to dispose of quickly, it is always priced well below its MSRP value.

A Huge Range Of Products

On an online liquidation marketplace, you’ll find a huge range of top-quality liquidated wholesale merchandise in a variety of conditions from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’ that can be bought by the box load, by the pallet or even by the truckload. This means that, no matter the size of your business, you’ll always find what you need in the quantity you require.

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Because liquidators such as Direct Liquidation work directly with some of the country’s biggest retailers, you’ll find a huge range of branded and own brand surplus merchandise available to buy direct from the retailers via an online liquidations sales platform. Thanks to the fact the big national retailers mainly sell brand names, you’ll find products coming from some of the biggest manufacturers on the planet; manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, LEGO, Black & Decker, Fisher Price, Adidas, Microsoft, Sony, DeWalt and many many more.

In Direct Liquidation’s case, you’ll also find hugely popular own branded products such as Mainstays and Blackweb electronics thanks to the partnership Direct Liquidation has with Walmart, as well as with Target. Amazon and Lowe’s Hardware. This means you’ll have plenty of choice when you buy from a liquidator, from top-name brands down to cheaper own brand products which will suit those customers who are buying products from your business on much tighter budgets.

How To Buy Liquidated Goods Wholesale Online

If you’re on the lookout for top-quality surplus merchandise, then as we’ve explained, sourcing from an online liquidation marketplace is your best bet. But how do you go about buying liquidated goods wholesale? Well, it’s actually a very easy process.

First of all, you’ll need a valid resellers license before you can start buying and selling liquidated goods. When you sign up for a free account with Direct Liquidation, for example, you’ll need to provide proof of this license. Once that’s out of the way and you’re all signed up, you’re welcome to browse through the many categories Direct Liquidation has on offer, as well as its dedicated Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s and Target vendor pages.

Direct Liquidation sells liquidated goods on behalf of its retail partners in the following comprehensive categories:

Automotive, Baby, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Fixed Assets, Food, Furniture, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Industrial Supplies, Jewelry, Office, Party & Occasions, Patio & Garden, Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Toys, Unsorted.

Once you’ve found a box load, pallet or truckload of liquidated goods you like the look of, you have several purchasing options. Most customers choose to bid for the surplus merchandise they’re interested when they come up for sale in one of the many liquidation auctions that take place on a daily basis. If that’s your preferred method, then the bidding process is as easy as it is on other auction sites such as eBay.

You can set up an email alert on the box load, pallet or truckload of liquidated goods you’re interested in buying. This will notify you when the auction is about to start. When it does, you’ll be able to enter as many bids as you like (up to your predetermined maximum bid calculated on what you think you can expect to make from each purchase) and then it’s just a matter of sitting back and seeing if you’re the winner. If you are, then all you’ll need to do is pay for your winning lot and arrange shipping, either by picking up the goods in person, arranging a pickup by a third party courier or letting the liquidator handle the shipping on your behalf.

If you haven’t got the time or the inclination to bid for liquidated goods via an online liquidation auction, never fear. Direct Liquidation offers many of the box loads, pallets and truckloads it sells on behalf of its national retailer partners for a fixed price via each lot’s ‘Buy it Now’ button. This works the same way as the eBay instant purchase button – press it and you’ll be taken straight through to payment, thus bypassing the auction altogether. The goods you buy this way will still be sold at way under their MSRP value, so there’s still plenty of profit to be made purchasing liquidated wholesale merchandise this way.

Finally, most liquidators are happy to hear offers from their customers, especially loyal customers. If you have a price in mind for a box load, pallet or truckload of liquidated goods, you can approach the liquidator with it. If they think the price you offer is fair, that’s the price you’ll pay. You might even land yourself an even better bargain this way.

Buying liquidated goods from a liquidator really is the best way to stock your business with top-quality branded and unbranded wholesale merchandise at a great price. Looking to buy liquidated goods online? Look no further than an online liquidation marketplace.

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