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If you run a store, you’ll know the importance of finding a reliable supplier of wholesale merchandise who can not only supply your business with all the top-quality inventory your business requires, but also do so without charging the earth for the privilege, thus leaving plenty of room for your business to make a profit.

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For store owners in the United States, that used to mean buying from a reliable wholesale supplier, usually in the local area. Sadly, sourcing stock this way can no longer be relied upon, thanks mainly to the fact that increases in both the price and the increasingly unwelcome addition of wholesaler premiums have resulted in wholesale prices now being virtually indistinguishable from retail prices.

This situation presents the store owner with a considerable problem. With the local wholesale market no longer reliable, store owners need to find another source of wholesale merchandise fast. But where’s the best placed to find a reliable source of top-quality merchandise that’s sold at a price that leaves room to make a profit?

The answer is to switch to buying pallets of surplus inventory from a reputable, Better Business Bureau-accredited top-tier liquidation specialist. Here’s why.

What Is Surplus Inventory?

What do we mean by the term ‘surplus inventory’? In a nutshell, surplus inventory is merchandise held by retailers – in particular national retailers – that is surplus to requirements for a number of reasons.

For example, every year retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and Target take back thousands upon thousands of items for a wide variety of reasons. Products are returned because there is superficial or visible damage to the products themselves, or the boxes they come in; products are returned because customers change their minds about their purchase; products are returned because they are found to be faulty. All of these returned items are categorized as ‘customer returns’ and they make up the bulk of the merchandise national retailers wish to dispose of.

Other types of surplus inventory include overstock items. This is inventory that a retailer wishes to dispose of because they have over-ordered, or the inventory in question is seasonal merchandise and the season the stock relates to has come to an end. Another type of surplus inventory is closeouts. This is usually merchandise that retailers wish to dispose of because they are either closing or reorganizing one of their stores. There are also refurbished items, which is inventory that has been restored to factory order, usually with the original boxes.

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All these types of inventory have the potential to seriously clog up a national retailer’s warehouse shelves. Presented with this problem, the retailers turn to a reputable, top-tier liquidation wholesale specialist such as Direct Liquidation who offer to sell this surplus inventory on the retailers’ behalf by the pallet load via an online liquidation marketplace.

What Is An Online Liquidation Marketplace?

Unlike a traditional wholesaler or smaller-scale liquidation company, a top-tier online liquidation marketplace operates at a much higher level. Liquidators work directly with some of the biggest names in US retail, offering them vendor landing pages on their online sales platforms through which the retailers can sell their unwanted surplus inventory directly to stores who are looking to diversify their range of products, while significantly reducing their costs.

In the case of Direct Liquidation, you’ll find a huge range of surplus merchandise coming from Walmart, Target, Lowe’s Hardware and Amazon Liquidations. What does that mean? It means store owners will have access to some of the best branded products on the planet, as well as some of the most trusted own-brand merchandise.

On Direct Liquidation’s online live auctions sales platform, you’ll find a huge range of goods in categories ranging from toys and games, fashion and fashion accessories and all the latest consumer electronics, to home improvement products, outdoor and fitness and even office supplies, automotive parts and patio and garden supplies.

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll not only find brand names such as Sony, Apple, HP and Samsung, but also own-brand names courtesy of companies such as Walmart with their trusted Mainstays and Blackweb Electronics in-house brands.

So, say you run a store specializing in children’s toys and games, you’ll find plenty of pallets of toys and games on an online liquidation marketplace ready to be bought for prices well below their MSRP value. You’ll find pallets of toys and games from manufacturers such as Fisher Price, Disney, LEGO, Skyrocket Toys, Hasbro, ToySource, Little Tykes, Hot Wheels, Mattel and many, many more.

Whatever type of store you run, you’ll find a huge range of top-quality surplus merchandise available to buy in pallets from an online liquidations marketplace. And because these pallets of surplus inventory are coming direct from some of the biggest names in US retail, your business will have the peace of mind of knowing you’re buying authentic products for a fraction of their retail value. This is great news for any store owner looking to avoid the increasing number of counterfeit goods that have swamped the wholesale market in recent years.

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Stocking Your Store Cheaply With Surplus Inventory

Stocking your store with surplus inventory cheaply and quickly couldn’t be easier. Once you’re signed up for a free account with Direct Liquidation on the production of a valid resellers’ license, you can use the drop-down category menu and search function located at the top of the page to quickly locate the pallet of surplus inventory you’re interested in.

There are several ways to buy surplus merchandise from an online liquidation marketplace. The most common way is to enter bids for a pallet of wholesale merchandise during one of the many live liquidation auctions that take place throughout the day, every day. If that’s the way you wish to proceed, you can set up an email alert that will send you a notification to your inbox, telling you the lot you’re interested in is about to go under the hammer.

Once the auction starts, it’s then simply a matter of entering bids up to your predetermined maximum bid limit and sitting back and seeing if you’re the highest bidder. If you are, then the lot is yours and that’s left to do is pay for your winning lot and arrange shipping.

If you haven’t the time or the inclination to bid for a pallet of surplus inventory, don’t worry. A sizeable amount of the pallets Direct Liquidation sells on behalf of its retail partners can also be bought for a fixed or even a negotiated price. You’ll still be paying way under the odds, and if you’re prepared to haggle, you may find yourself walking away with an even better bargain.

However you choose to buy from an online liquidation marketplace, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve bought the best merchandise at the best price from the very best in the business.

In this day and age where competition is fierce and customers have plenty of other outlets to choose from and margins are tight, it’s important to stock your store with the best-quality goods from the most reliable source at a price that allows you to offer a very attractive price to your customers while still maintaining a healthy margin in which to make a profit. Sourcing surplus pallets from a liquidator cheaply can help you achieve these goals, so why not check out what a top-tier liquidator such as Direct Liquidation has to offer your store today.

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